Motor Control Centres (MCCs) are electrical switchgear assemblies designed to control and protect electric motors within industrial settings, such as water treatment works and sewage treatment works.

Shearfab manufactures partial MCC’s, carcasses and power distribution bus bars, verified to BS EN60439-2.

Current ranges from 200A up to and including 4000A, Fault ratings from 30kA 1 Second to 80kA 1 second and 50kA 3 seconds.

Efficient and reliable power distribution is crucial for the operation of machinery and equipment. MCCs play an important role in managing electrical power, ensuring a smooth process of functioning motors, and optimising energy consumption. MCCs serve as a hub for managing power distribution and motor operation.

A typical MCC consists of several components working together: Power Bus Bars, which provide the main power distribution; Motor starters and variable speed drives, which control the operator of electric motors (enabling smooth starting and stopping of operations), fuses, circuit breakers, and a power disconnect. At Shearfab, we manufacture bespoke MCCs, which are designed to meet specific requirements for each project.

MCCs enhance motor protection, improve operations making them more efficient, and optimise space use by eliminating the need for individual control panels. In addition to this, Shearfab also offers our customers the following benefits:

  • All door machining is laser cut or CNC punched to ensure accurate fitting
  • Free issued switch devices fitted, connected and shrouded
  • Mounting plates can be supplied ahead of schedule, if requires, punched to customer needs
  • Full range of paint finished available
  • Specialist manufacture in stainless steel available
  • Delivery is done by our own transport, so transit damage is avoided
  • We offer site visits for all types of panel extensions

As industries continue to evolve and embrace automation and efficiency, MCCs are becoming more and more important, enabling seamless power distribution and motor control.

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