CNC Copper Punch

  • As Shearfab’s expansion continues we are investing in automation and technology in order to shorten delivery times and increase production capability. We are pleased to announce that we have invested in an EHRT Holecut 40-6 Professional CNC copper punch. This machine will be installed and commissioned by the end of November in our Block E manufacturing facility.

MADA MP300 Auto-Loader Installed

  • In February 2016 we installed an AMADA MP300 auto-loader to our AMADA EMZ 3610NT CNC punch. This allow us to cut material quicker, more efficiently, and "lights out". This is another demonstration that we are committed to our customer needs.

New Phosphate Pre-Treatment Plant

  • In October 2015 we installed a fully automatic pre- treatment phosphate plant in our powder coating facility. This improves the adhesion of the powder, the quality of finished product and the through put through the factory. Another significant investment in order to meet our growth and quality targets.

BESN 1090-2 Awarded

  • BSEN 1090-2: 2008 + A1: 2011. In order to meet the demands of our telecommunication clients in May 2015 we were successfully audited and awarded BSEN 1090-2. This allow us to CE mark structural steel projects according to the standard.

ABB Type Testing To BSEN 61439-2.

  • ABB E-Max ACB Section ready to be tested along with a section of fuse switches and MCCB's in a European laboratory.