With the engineering skills shortage reaching a critical point, it’s vital that more young women are encouraged to consider careers in engineering. The sector seeks women with fresh ideas, new perspectives, varied experiences, and different approaches to innovation.

Empowering women to pursue a rewarding career in engineering is essential for addressing gender equality. But it also allows your business to add valuable skills to a workforce in need.

Companies can benefit from more innovation and access a larger talent pool by actively recruiting and promoting female engineers.

Shearfab Ltd is totally committed to supporting women in all aspects of engineering and recognises their valuable contribution to our team.

We were very proud to win the 2021 Small Apprentice Employer of the Year award but even prouder of our apprentice Megan Clough, a true success story! She began her welding apprenticeship at Shearfab and after completion she is now the Construction & Engineering Apprentice Reviewer at Riverside College. Watch Megan’s video to see her sheer commitment and talent.

At Shearfab we have 30 years’ experience in sheet metalwork fabrication. Our extensive CAD department, CNC punching and laser-cutting equipment, welding, fabrication, and full in-house painting facility, coupled with our delivery fleet ensures customers receive a complete, quality-controlled turnkey project all from one site.

We keep growing as a business are currently hiring! If you’re looking for a new opportunity, visit our careers page.

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